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Biotechnology frontiers for Industrial applications    |    Biotechnology for Food & Beverages
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Biotechnology frontiers for Industrial applications  
Textile industry is continuously seeking new sources of innovation, one of which is biotechnology. Enzymes are expected to have an even greater impact on effluent quality as more fibre/fabric preparation, pre-treatment and value-added finishing processes follow the biotreatment. In addition, enzymes are very effective catalysts even under mild conditions and do not require the high energy input often associated with chemical processes.   
UAL has wide range of offerings for meeting this challenge 

  • Bio Desizing
  • Bio Degumming
  • Bio Scouring
  • Bio Bleaching/ Bleach Boosting
  • Bio Neutralizing
  • Bio Washing/Soaping
  • Bio Polishing
  • Bio Softening
  • Bio Cleaning
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  Performance Chemicals
  • Textiles Performance Chemicals
  • Leather
  • Paper & pulp
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