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About UAL
Corporate Overview
UAL is head quartered at Singapore with manufacturing and marketing operations in multiple locations in the Asia Pacific region. UAL has business associations with number of global companies in specific technologies.
Quality Policy

UAL ensure a uniformly high standard of product quality across all our sites irrespective of the manufacturing location. UAL policy on product development is that the full consideration of the environmental impact of any new product is a key stage in the process of approval.

The UAL Group, has established challenging targets for all aspects of SHE (safety, health and environment) including continuous reduction in emissions, saving energy and water

UAL is committed to bring sustainable biotechnology platforms to our customers. This technology offers new approaches to cleaner industrial products and processes. At its core is the principle of working in harmony, rather than conflict, with the nature.

We will use biotechnological solutions as powerful tools which can compete with chemical and physical means of reducing energy and material consumption and minimizing the generation of waste and emissions. Because enzymes work under moderate conditions, such as warm temperatures and neutral conditions, they reduce energy consumption by eliminating the need to maintain extreme environments, as required by many chemically catalyzed reactions; we will explore Enzymes as a sustainable alternative to the use of harsh chemicals in industry.
Product Stewardship

At UAL product stewardship is a way of working, so that health safety and environmental aspects of a product life cycle are responsibly managed.

At UAL, a product is defined in the Context of Product Stewardship as Specification of final product, packaging, labelling, accompanying product literature and application areas of the final product in the marketplace

For us, product stewardship is meeting the expectations for the performance of the product -from its conception through its manufacture, use and ultimately to its disposal or recycling
Current vacancies at UAL
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  • Manufacturing / Formulation view
  Performance Chemicals
  • Textiles Performance Chemicals
  • Leather
  • Paper & pulp
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  Functional Specialties
  • Water and Effluent Treatment
  • Polymers & process chemicals
  • Oilfield Chemicals
  • Personal Care
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Our mission is to continuously redefine technologies to create advantage for our customers through product and services. We will leverage our skills to solve problems innovatively, establish state of art application development and pursue step out opportunities through strategic alliances/acquisitions
Strategic Vision
Our vision is to be the most admired global company in providing total business solutions for our target sectors through innovation, imagination and differentiated customer service. We will redefine technologies to solve problems innovatively